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More Than 80 years of Expertise in Sleep Ergonomics

At SwissAire, sleep ergonomics mean more than just choosing between a soft, firm or hard mattress. We take a more holistic view of improving quality of life through a better sleep experience.

Our postural support uses the finest in Swiss precision pressure relief innovation to holistically tailor ergonomics true to your 30personal needs for a deeper restorative sleep, and a greater sense of Wellbeing.

Sleep ergonomic is the science of vitality

The spinal column is one of the most vital part of the human body and provides the main support for our body, making all our movements possible while protecting the spinal cord from injury (source: The well-designed structure of the spine serves many functions and maintaining this spinal curvature through proper posture while sleeping and lying is vital for decreasing stress, muscular pain and preventing fatigue for general good health.